CCNA - Routing & Switching (Corporate Only)

CCNA – Routing & Switching (Corporate Only)


CCNA – Routing & Switching training program is designed to give understanding of the hardware modules of Cisco routers. This course explains the step-by-step process of configuring a Cisco router and implement in the network.

It describes the router User Interface and different commands to configure it. This module prepares participants for CCNA certification.

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Participants attending CCNA Routing & Switching program should have basic understanding of IP networking & technology.

  • Cisco Router Fundamentals & Network Architecture
  • Cisco Router Series
  • Cisco Router Components
  • Introduction to Cisco IOS
  • Cisco IOS Modes of Operation
  • Router Administrative Functions
  • Router Interface Configuration
  • Configure IP Routing
  • Explain the hardware modules of Cisco Router
  • Understand the working functionality of Routers
  • Operate the Cisco Router Operating System
  • Configure passwords and security on the router while accessing different modes
  • Provide IP address to the ports and Interfaces
  • Configure the router with respective protocols in the network

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