Huawei Industrial Training Certification - Datacom 9Feb

Huawei Industrial Training Certification – Datacom 9Feb


Overview : 

This is a 6 week training program certified by Huawei Technologies, a world leader in ICT equipment manufacturing and network services. This program is focused towards engineering graduates looking to do 6 weeks summer training. This training program gives you live access to lab equipment to practice and learn. The virtual classroom sessions are conducted online by our highly experienced industry certified instructors that will help you understand the Data Networking concepts to apply while doing LAB exercises.

The program covers IP Networking fundamentals followed by configuration of Huawei Routers and Switches. After successful completion of this program, the student would be givenHIT Certification in Datacom Networks” by Huawei Technologies. Also the program is a first step towards the prestigious and globally recognized  Huawei Certified Datacom Associate (HCDA) Certification Exam.



In this program the teaching happens in 2 modes:

 Virtual Classroom – Live interactive classes shall be conducted online. Students shall be able to join these classes from anywhere using their computer and an internet connection (512 kbps or more). Our virtual classroom platform provides a classroom like experience and some very useful features like:
  • Availability of class recordings after the class is over
  • Hand raise feature to ask doubts during the class
  • Interact with the trainer over chat or video
  • Participate in course discussion
Online Labs – This is one its kind platform in the world which provide access to Live Equipment or Software for the students to learn. The Online Labs can be scheduled as per convenience and available timeslots. Some features of Online Labs are:
  • Provides hand-on practice on Live Equipments
  • Parallel Instructions in each Lab module to help students learn to operate the equipments
[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic_purple”]Session%0AID,Mode,Session%20Name%20and%20Description,Session%20Duration|1,Virtual%20Classroom,Introduction%20to%20the%20program%0AIP%20Networks%20Fundamentals%20(TCP%2FIP%20Basics),4%20hours|2,Virtual%20Classroom,IP%20Addressing%2C%20VRP,4%20hours|3,Online%20Lab,Basic%20Device%20Navigation%20and%20Configuration%20Lab,2%20Hours|4,Virtual%20Classroom,OSPF,4%20Hours|5,Online%20Lab,OSPF%20Single%20Area%20Configuration,2%20Hours|6,Virtual%20Classroom,VLAN%2C%20Inter%20VLAN%20Routing,4%20Hours|7,%C2%A0Online%20Lab,Basic%20Switching%20Lab,2%20Hours|8,%C2%A0Virtual%20Classroom,STP%2C%20IPV6,%C2%A04%20hours|9,%C2%A0Online%20Lab,STP%20Lab%2C%20Implementing%20IPv6%20networks%20and%20solutions,%C2%A04%20hours|10,%C2%A0Virtual%20Classroom,Doubt%20Clearing%20and%20Project%20briefing,4%20Hours|11,%C2%A0Online%20Lab,Online%20Project,4%20hours|12,Online%20Assessment,Assessment,2%20Hours[/vc_table]

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